Definition of neurophysiologist in English:



See neurophysiology

  • ‘For example, neurophysiologists can define and measure muscular fatigue precisely in such conditions as myasthenia gravis.’
  • ‘Bremner's work is full of mind-stretching, extremely sophisticated research, yet at times, it is as if the author is speaking to a high school class, while at other times, to a group of super-advanced neurophysiologists.’
  • ‘But over the past few decades neurophysiologists and molecular biologists have made great strides in their understanding of the cellular mechanisms of learning and memory.’
  • ‘We liaise extensively with a paediatric neurophysiologist and a neuroradiologist in the tertiary centre.’
  • ‘At the graduate level, I taught a course in human ecology for teachers and a seminar in human neuroanatomy for neurophysiologists.’