Definition of neutral axis in English:

neutral axis


  • A line or plane through a beam or plate connecting points at which no extension or compression occurs when the beam or plate is bent.

    ‘Assembly involves considerable welding, especially along the neutral axes of tubular beams made from extruded channels, of which the upper web forms the roadway.’
    • ‘The vertical eccentricity between the neutral axes of the main span's composite deck and the box of the back span causes significant positive bending in the span from pier 40 to pier 41.’
    • ‘The arc length through the neutral axis after bending and the flat length of the sheet metal before bending are equal.’
    • ‘The radius to the neutral axis is 1.4070, and when you subtract 10 (the inside radius of the bend), you're left with 0.407-an offset factor that defines the neutral axis relative to the inside radius.’
    • ‘An additional requirement for the formulas to be correct, is that the neutral axis in bending lies in the centre of the cross-section.’


neutral axis

/ˈno͞otrəl ˈaksəs/ /ˈnutrəl ˈæksəs/