Definition of never-dying in English:



  • Living or lasting forever.

    ‘the never-dying tensions between young and old’
    ‘their never-dying enthusiasm’
    • ‘One persistent thought expressed in the book is the author's never-dying fear of inflation.’
    • ‘It was a solemn holy vow before God in dealing with our never-dying souls, and to be taken with due meditation and consideration.’
    • ‘The responsibility of nurturing these never-dying souls is great.’
    • ‘Never-dying lights take over from the sun by expanding the daytime.’
    • ‘But as Newman wrote, religious truth, being a living thing, emerges only through a "never-dying duel," a "warfare of ideas" in which authority and private judgment work mysteriously in tandem.’
    • ‘He expected it would raise his name to never-dying fame; but it was unhappily condemned by some critics, while his other commonplace lyrics were lauded to the skies.’
    • ‘A budding singer recently turned an unpleasant situation into an impressive one with her talent and her never-dying attitude of standing up for herself.’
    • ‘If you must trifle anywhere, let it be about some secondary matter: your health, if you will, or the title deeds of your estate; but about your soul, your never-dying soul and its eternal destinies, I beseech you to be in earnest.’