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never mind

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  • 1Used to urge someone not to feel anxiety or distress.

    ‘never mind—it's all right now’
    • ‘But never mind, we are not worrying about the logic as we work through all of this.’
    • ‘Hoping N, R and A will still come, but never mind, the important thing is that It will be the Return of £1 a pint Night and me and MH's nights at the pub watching the Football!’
    don't apologize, forget it, don't worry about it, it doesn't matter, don't mention it, it's unimportant
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  • 2

    (also never you mind)
    Used in refusing to answer a question.

    ‘never mind where I'm going’
    • ‘And I didn't want to go to the pokey for - well, never you mind what I could go to the pokey for.’
    • ‘My husband and I have been voluntarily using them to set a germ-free example, and it's not all that bad, especially if you use the kind with the oh, never you mind!’
    • ‘He's got his own problems, never you mind.’
    • ‘I am now starting my second summer in Waco, doing well, never you mind what I'm doing.’
  • 3Used to indicate that what has been said of one thing applies even more to another.

    ‘he was so tired that he found it hard to think, never mind talk’
    • ‘But he has now gone seven years without the world championship and has not indicated a serious intention to wind down, never mind quit.’
    • ‘Hazarding a look up, I forget to breathe, never mind the coffee thing.’
    • ‘What would have been appropriate for a 1960s flower-power couple is probably not what a Victorian family would have had in mind, never mind a child of the 21st century.’
    • ‘Have we really forgotten that domestic consumption can fluctuate, never mind that there might be such a phenomenon as an economic cycle?’
    • ‘As it happens, in the essays on my work and on Vatican II, there is not the slightest indication that the author wishes to be corrected, never mind to be proved wrong.’
    • ‘I've floated back and forth between my computer and the television for nearing three hours now and I still haven't thought of anything coherent, never mind intelligent, to say.’
    • ‘On Saturday, though, an impatient Stade de France crowd realised there was still work to be done if Les Bleus were to become Six Nations - never mind world - champions.’
    • ‘I can barely pick up the courage to speak to other students, never mind a £4m rated football player.’
    • ‘With barely 4% of our population in Scotland going broadband, we are already slipping well behind south-east England, never mind the rest of Europe.’