Definition of nevus in English:


nounplural noun nevi/-ˌvī/

(British naevus)
  • A birthmark or a mole on the skin, especially a birthmark in the form of a raised red patch.

    ‘On physical examination, no clinically atypical or suspicious nevi were observed on the skin or scalp.’
    • ‘I was born in the United States in 1955 and by the age of 4 months had developed a strawberry naevus on my neck.’
    • ‘Treatment required removing the nevus and resurfacing the child's body with skin grafts.’
    • ‘However, when performing any part of the physical examination, family physicians should be alert for suspicious nevi.’
    • ‘A 51-year-old white female was evaluated for multiple nevi.’
    stain, mark, patch, soiling, streak, spot, blotch, tarnishing



/ˈnēvəs/ /ˈnivəs/


Late 17th century from Latin.