Definition of new star in English:

new star


  • A nova.

    ‘Most ellipticals have very little gas left that can form new stars, although in some there is a small amount of star formation within gas acquired during recent mergers with other galaxies.’
    • ‘By looking at those lines, astronomers hope to increase their understanding of how interstellar dust clouds cool, making it possible for the clouds to coalesce into new stars.’
    • ‘Unlike spiral galaxies such as the Milky Way, which contain many young as well as old stars, elliptical galaxies have expended almost all of their gaseous mass as fuel to build new stars.’
    • ‘Millions of years later, the stars' radiation ionizes the clouds still surrounding them and pushes the clouds away, unveiling the bright new stars to the rest of the universe.’
    • ‘After 1 trillion years, star formation will have used up all the available gas, and no new stars will form.’


new star

/ˈno͞o ˈstär/ /ˈnu ˈstɑr/