Definition of newness in English:


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  • The quality of being new or original.

    ‘the shiny newness of the giant conference center’
    • ‘create some freshness and newness in your relationship’
    • ‘Art isn't just about newness and originality you know.’
    • ‘The newness of the market masks the potential for its ultimate size.’
    • ‘Given the relative newness of the venture, it may be too soon to be talking about revenue, much less profits.’
    • ‘But when the newness wears off, you're back on the same old track; everyday life comes back, as dull as it can be.’
    • ‘Despite the apparent newness of this approach, we have been here before.’
    • ‘Because of the newness of these findings the data are presented in some detail.’
    • ‘The true artist is the man who has a newness of vision.’
    • ‘After about a year when the newness of the relationship is wearing off couples begin to face more of life's situations together.’
    • ‘Officials are blaming delays on the newness of the centre and improvements to the quality of assistance being offered.’
    • ‘This is the only song on the album that has any newness to it.’
    • ‘Using different types of apparatus will give you a sense of newness to your routine and allow you to remain challenged.’
    • ‘She wants newness, she wants fashionability.’



/ˈno͞onəs/ /ˈnunəs/