Definition of news ticker in English:

news ticker


  • A scrolling electronic display of news headlines on a building or along the lower portion of a television or computer screen.

    • ‘All the day's political news available at cnn. com / news ticker.’
    • ‘Perhaps there's an idea here for news sites: Allow customization of the news ticker on the homepage.’
    • ‘However, I'm also mindful of how news tickers seem to attract people's attention.’
    • ‘Then I saw the news ticker with the shocking news.’
    • ‘She was moved to see a news ticker counting off her 140th day of captivity.’
    • ‘Watch some TV that does not have a news ticker on the bottom.’
    • ‘You know, the little news ticker at the bottom of the screen that's become a cable TV fixture.’
    • ‘If RSS were like a news ticker, articles would be the equivalent of magazines.’
    • ‘This news ticker is for those who crave information overload.’
    • ‘The Irish blog news ticker shows the following pieces on St Patrick's Day 2005.’
    • ‘The cybercafé at Stockley Park has a kitchen and lounge with a television, a news ticker, and colorful iMacs for free Web surfing.’
    • ‘Perhaps I spoke to soon - having posted the above my news ticker showed the headline ' Prompt action needed on court vacancies ' directing me to this story.’
    • ‘The news ticker is currently not suitable for XP or Mac OS X desktops - which are widely used at the BBC.’
    • ‘Memri has also announced this report on its news ticker but has not issued a report yet.’
    • ‘He sees it as something akin to having the radio on in the background and envisages brokers using it to track news instead of relying on news tickers.’
    • ‘Used mainly by subscribers to check e-mail away from home, it will come loaded with much more content and services, including a news ticker and beefed-up sports and music.’
    • ‘She said that the news tickers were added in response to feedback from users, who said they wanted a quick way to know when their friends updated profiles.’
    • ‘The Bloomberg news channel has a running news ticker that will probably be ignored unless you stare at the PocketDAB's screen constantly.’
    • ‘I'm sure by the time you're reading this it made the news ticker for a brief second on CNN.’
    • ‘If you then add the clock and the news ticker, there will barely be any room for Captain Kirk and his crew on the screen.’


news ticker