Definition of nibbler in English:



  • 1A person who habitually nibbles at food.

    ‘Miss Lucy is something of a desultory eater - a nibbler, as it were - which means that mealtime can take upwards of forty-five minutes.’
    • ‘In fact, the portion was so small that I had to revert to an old trick to discourage other nibblers: coughing on the food.’
    • ‘The menu caters to nibblers and hearty appetites alike.’
    • ‘Although this could be seen as discrimination against the nibblers among us, it is nevertheless positive discrimination, and who am I to argue with that?’
    • ‘Hejazi gave a speech, which boomed from the speakers over the convocation mall, leaving cookie nibblers stunned.’
    • ‘A self-confessed nibbler, Di felt she had always been on the large side, and was a serial yo-yo dieter.’
    • ‘I've lost count of the times I have been stood at the carvery, carving succulent slices of rare beef when some pasty faced carrot nibbler says ‘What's the vegetarian option then?’’
    • ‘Fleming's sweet and savory snacks (and everything is miniature and priced accordingly) are meant for Lieblingesque noshers, not dainty nibblers.’
    • ‘Borrowing a trend popularized by the likes of Pizza Hut, it will be positioned as offering a fast, home-baked option for after-school nibblers and their friends.’
    • ‘The scene which appears most frequently in art shows the cook repelling boarders, beating off the tasters and nibblers who hover hopefully round his precious stewpot.’
    • ‘Good morning and welcome to the program, which will be illuminating for night nibblers, like me for instance.’
    • ‘Has she given her selection the full-on syrup-drowning treatment (not afraid to splurge), or do the scattered half-open jam packets indicate she's a nibbler (delicate, but with a mellow fruity finish)?’
    • ‘‘I am a confirmed nibbler,’ said one of the two girls, who were twins.’
    • ‘He is a nibbler and is much more comfortable working the outside, rather than the inside, part of the plate.’
  • 2A cutting tool in which a rapidly reciprocating punch knocks out a line of overlapping small holes from a metal sheet.

    ‘For instance, I have a Zeith four-in-one clam bucket, and I can run any kind of hammer, drill, turn a 360 rotation, run a nibbler, drive piles.’
    • ‘Drill a starter hole and use a hand nibbler like the Klein 76011B Nibbler Tool.’



/ˈnib(ə)lər/ /ˈnɪb(ə)lər/