Definition of nice to meet you in English:

nice to meet you


  • A polite formula used on being introduced to someone.

    ‘I nodded and made the polite response, ‘It's nice to meet you too, Mr. Scotia.’’
    • ‘As you shake hands, repeat the person's name to lock it into your memory: ‘Hi, Tiffany, so nice to meet you!’’
    • ‘Well my reply is, I don't know James - and it is nice to meet you, by the way - but everyone says he is skeptical.’
    • ‘‘It's nice to meet you, Gavin,’ I smiled; I couldn't seem to stop smiling at that moment.’
    • ‘‘Hey Geoff, nice to meet you,’ Gabe said, extending his hand towards him.’
    • ‘He sticks out his hand out towards Ella, ‘Hi, I'm Shaun, Adam's cousin, nice to meet you.’’
    • ‘‘It's nice to meet you,’ she said with all the anger out of her voice.’
    • ‘‘Hi, nice to meet you,’ Lizzie said nodding, although she wasn't looking at them.’
    • ‘‘It's nice to meet you too,’ Ally replied, trying not to be overwhelmed by Pam's presence.’
    • ‘‘It's nice to meet you also,’ Alcott said, reaching for Harry's hand.’