Definition of nicotiana in English:



  • An ornamental plant related to tobacco, with tubular flowers that are particularly fragrant at night.

    Also called tobacco plant

    Genus Nicotiana, family Solanaceae: several species, in particular N. alata

    ‘These include the dahlias and impatiens as well as roses, cyclamen, nicotiana, geum and the darkening petals of Sedum spectabile.’
    • ‘Columbine and nicotiana sprouted everywhere, as did a colony of small buddleia.’
    • ‘A primula is still making a brave attempt at flowering, and it will soon be replaced with blue and white trailing and bush lobelia, and green and white flowered nicotiana.’
    • ‘Choose some snow on the mountain, for example, to hang over the edge of the box, and then some dwarf snapdragons for the middle height, and maybe some nicotiana for the taller group in the back.’
    • ‘Next to the mishmash of blackened dahlias, nicotiana rose staunchly and the roses that had been buds the day before were unfurling.’



/nəˌkōSHēˈänə/ /nəˌkoʊʃiˈɑnə/ /nəˌkōSHēˈanə/ /nəˌkoʊʃiˈænə/ /nəˌkōSHēˈānə/ /nəˌkoʊʃiˈeɪnə/


From modern Latin nicotiana (herba) ‘tobacco (plant)’, named after Jean Nicot, a 16th-century French diplomat who introduced tobacco to France in 1560.