Definition of nielloed in English:



See niello

  • ‘The other series is decorated in a finer scrolling pattern against a black nielloed ground.’
  • ‘The ornamentation of such objects was similar to that of the nielloed gold and silver ladles and cups produced at the Kremlin Armoury in the 16th to early 17th centuries.’
  • ‘The upper level comprises the numerals and dividing circles which are polished and nielloed.’
  • ‘The nib is chased, nielloed and engraved with scrolls while the blade on the opposite side has a niello decoration with the word KAVKAZ in Cyrillic letters.’
  • ‘To encounter a nielloed article of such an early date would indeed be a discovery of importance, since, so far as we are aware, no one has proved the use of niello as a means of decoration before the second century A.D..’