Definition of nigh in English:


Pronunciation /nī/ /naɪ/

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archaic, literary
  • 1Almost.

    ‘a car weighing nigh on two tons’
    • ‘recovery will be well nigh impossible’
    well-nigh, almost, nearly, just about, more or less, practically, virtually, all but, as good as, next to, close to, near, to all intents and purposes, approaching, bordering on, verging on, nearing, about
  • 2At or to a short distance away.

    • ‘they drew nigh unto the city’


archaic, literary
  • At or to a short distance away from (a place)

    • ‘she wanders …but seems to remain nigh the sea’


archaic, literary
  • Located a short distance away.

    • ‘the end is nigh’
    near, adjacent, in close proximity, close at hand, near at hand


Old English nēh, nēah, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch na, German nah. Compare with near.