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night and day

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  • All the time; constantly.

    ‘she studied night and day’
    • ‘Today you hear these infernal machines going night and day.’
    • ‘Put simply, Scotland has to watch and listen, night and day, to every little thing that affects English sporting teams.’
    • ‘You can labour night and day to give them a world that's comprehensible.’
    • ‘We do know that he's working night and day to acquire a nuclear weapon and perhaps to build one.’
    • ‘The pyres burn night and day but it is illegal to photograph them.’
    • ‘As the words flowed night and day, we felt we were giving voice to a new generation of rebels.’
    • ‘For that last 18 months of his life she had always been by his side, night and day.’
    • ‘I thought that was amazing, but then I realised that the woman was half-mad and would call on me night and day.’
    • ‘During the past week, the people involved in the project have worked night and day to have the centre ready for the opening.’
    • ‘Would it be better if the city were dependent for its wealth on huge factories belching out pollution night and day?’
    all the time, the entire time, around the clock, day and night, morning, noon, and night, day in, day out, without a break, ceaselessly, endlessly, incessantly, interminably, constantly, unceasingly, perpetually, permanently, continuously, continually, eternally, unremittingly, remorselessly, relentlessly
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