Definition of night lizard in English:

night lizard


  • A small dull-colored nocturnal lizard with large scales or bony plates on the head, found from the southwestern US to Central America.

    Family Xantusiidae: several genera and species, including the desert night lizard (Xantusia vigilis)

    ‘Although abundant in their favored habitats, island night lizards are still sensitive to disturbance.’
    • ‘The desert night lizard is rarely seen, and was once thought to be rare throughout its range.’
    • ‘Although generally diurnal, the majority of geckos, the night lizards, and the Gila monster are nocturnal.’
    • ‘Even after death, a tree trunk on the ground provides a home for desert night lizards, ants, and scorpions.’
    • ‘Cicaks are also night lizards and are green.’


night lizard

/nīt ˈlizərd/ /naɪt ˈlɪzərd/