Definition of nighttime in English:



  • The time between evening and morning; the time of darkness.

    ‘slipping away over the river in the nighttime’
    as modifier ‘the government imposed a nighttime curfew’
    • ‘Police are also patrolling the city and have slapped a night-time curfew on the city.’
    • ‘Convivial night-time chats extend until the first traces of sunrise.’
    • ‘If they fail to abide by it, officers can increase the punishment aspects, such as making the night-time curfew longer.’
    • ‘The first is that it could result in people drinking until later and the night-time economy becoming busier.’
    • ‘He said a night-time curfew for known troublemakers might be the only way to make the area safe.’
    • ‘Feelings were running high in New Malden about the planned night-time closure of the police station.’
    • ‘From now on as we head off through autumn and on to winter, the night-time will stretch and the day-time shrink.’
    • ‘He then returned to his car and made an emergency call to the police who had received several other calls about the night-time incident.’
    • ‘Do the same for the night-time hours by dividing the period between sunset and sunrise by 12.’
    • ‘A community of York sisters fear their night-time slumbers could be disrupted by light flooding into their convent.’
    • ‘The sudden arrival of warm wet weather caused a mass night-time migration of frogs, newts and toads to deluge the centre in Barnes.’
    • ‘From the aeroplane's window is a night-time scene of sheer blackness, broken only by orange spots of the Bedouin fires.’
    • ‘In this case frosts will be patchy as cloud acts as a blanket, helping to keep the night-time temperatures higher.’
    • ‘It was in the afternoon but the cabin lights is already switched off, providing a night-time atmosphere.’
    • ‘Highworth police have recently stepped up night-time patrols to deter anti-social behaviour.’
    • ‘Officers want teachers to join them on night-time patrol so they can identify juvenile troublemakers and help bring them to book.’
    • ‘New mobile wardens will be laying on night-time patrols to deter vandals and thieves who prey on visitors.’
    • ‘We will actually scout a place many times, checking it out in the daytime and night-time.’
    • ‘Following the success of a bat watch and barbecue evening last year, the group is planning another night-time event.’
    • ‘Takeaway patrols to crack down on violence outside night-time eateries have been welcomed by councillors.’



/ˈnītˌtīm/ /ˈnaɪtˌtaɪm/