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adjectiveadjective nimbler, adjective nimblest

  • 1Quick and light in movement or action; agile.

    ‘with a deft motion of her nimble fingers’
    • ‘The magician does special exercises to keep his fingers nimble and body agile.’
    • ‘My hands are bigger, and more adroit, with nimble fingers that can tie shoes, unwrap candies, and get the sand out from between my toes before we leave the beach.’
    • ‘The dexterity of his nimble fingers forced the spotlight on him when he was just five years old.’
    • ‘I suppose I had the quick nimble fingers that it took to form the beautiful pieces.’
    • ‘Julius disagreed, pointing out how nimble and light mice were, especially the young ones, and suggested that peanut butter would produce better results.’
    • ‘The design was supposed to be an improvement on the VX with the same sink rate, but a lighter, more nimble glider.’
    • ‘His free arm moved to the pouches on her belt, his fingers deft and nimble as a squirrel as he purloined some component.’
    • ‘He exuded class, confidence and style and for a heavily-built man was very agile and nimble.’
    • ‘However, the Astra is such an agile and nimble car that you may very well avoid an accident altogether.’
    • ‘In the demo, you are placed behind the controls of two different spacecraft, a light and nimble fighter and a large, cumbersome but powerful gunship.’
    • ‘The figure continued making his way down the house by grabbing appropriate ledges, and footholds from the balcony in a nimble movement.’
    • ‘The boy jumped up onto his bed with nimble movement, holding the insulation in his mouth while rummaging the pouch in his hand for a normal wrench.’
    • ‘He did everything in his power to outrun us, especially after he saw the camera, but the Kia was no match lot the lighter, more nimble Prius.’
    • ‘The Gallardo not only goes like the big league supercars, but also manages to handle like a light nimble sportscar, which came as a huge surprise.’
    • ‘Tires that have a folding, or Kevlar, bead are lighter and more nimble than those that have steel beads.’
    • ‘Her nimble, agile body tense and ready, she pressed her feet into Jeff's shoulders.’
    • ‘His job as a computer technician meant that he had nimble, quick hands and long lean fingers.’
    • ‘Jake lit a fire, his nimble, practised fingers deftly arranging and lighting the wood.’
    • ‘She has now become nimble and agile with the experience of dodging through traffic, avoiding moving vehicles, where she taps pleadingly at windows.’
    • ‘He shows me his work, telling me it takes half a day to make a hammock, though his fingers are not as nimble as they were.’
    agile, lithe, sprightly, acrobatic, light-footed, nimble-footed, light, light on one's feet, fleet-footed, spry, lively, active, quick, quick-moving, graceful, supple, limber, lissom, flexible, skilful, deft, dexterous, adroit
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    1. 1.1(of the mind) quick to comprehend.
      ‘she is well-read and intellectually nimble’
      • ‘With a nimble mind and able pen, he had thus far survived this era of religious reform and an uneasy succession, but this particular defeat was the opportunity his enemies at court were awaiting.’
      • ‘Despite this he had piercing azure eyes, that hinted at his sharp and nimble mind.’
      • ‘With his rubbery frame and vertical hair, Bob Kingdom looks right for the role, and we catch a glimpse of Laurel's nimble mind when he informs us that ‘a myth is a moth's sister’.’
      • ‘The veteran Argentine is such a willing worker, and it is his nimble mind, as well as fast feet, which ensures he is still such an entertaining performer so late in a remarkable career.’
      • ‘He has produced a set of seven steps to keep your mind nimble, steps which may even postpone the onset of dementia, but which at least will probably give your mind a lift.’
      • ‘It'll take nimble minds as well as strong shoulders.’
      • ‘And he has a nimble mind, which is evident in the curious eyes and the arched eyebrows that seem to reach almost to his black turban as he listens to questions.’
      • ‘But, he also had a lively and nimble mind that could flexibly adapt to situations and people.’
      • ‘Making sense of this movie is a feat that requires a nimble mind and a fertile imagination.’
      • ‘Her mind worked quickly as her gaze stayed locked with his, thinking up some excuse, but even her mind wasn't that nimble.’
      • ‘The quick end to the war brought the angle to a merciful conclusion and McMahon shifted his nimble mind to the pursuit of other angles.’
      • ‘His normally nimble mind hums to a halt, his jaw goes slack and twin rivulets of spittle suavely course down each corner of his mouth.’
      • ‘And let's not forget a nimble mind's required to go along with the dexterity.’
      quick-thinking, quick-witted, quick, nimble-witted
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/ˈnimb(ə)l/ /ˈnɪmb(ə)l/


Old English nǣmel ‘quick to seize or comprehend’, related to niman ‘take’, of Germanic origin. The -b- was added for ease of pronunciation.