Definition of nimbleness in English:


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  • The quality of being nimble.

    ‘For land transportation the nimbleness and lightning acceleration of the shopping-bike was decided upon unanimously.’
    • ‘It may be that they are just envious of our arboreal and hunting skills, our nimbleness and adaptability, and our ability to see in the dark.’
    • ‘We're having to behave with the nimbleness of a business start-up and that's a challenge for a large organisation which has 39,900 worldwide employees.’
    • ‘Written more than 2,600 years ago, the 101 words of verse deal with a theme timeless in both art and soap operas; the stirrings of an ageing body towards the nimbleness, youth and love it once knew.’
    • ‘The immediacy of radio, and its nimbleness in updating stories, was once what gave it a huge advantage over print - an advantage that, of course, the new media have captured.’
    agility, litheness, sprightliness, light-footedness, nimble-footedness, lightness, spryness, liveliness, activeness, quickness, smartness
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/ˈnimb(ə)lnəs/ /ˈnɪmb(ə)lnəs/