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  • A type of cloud forming a thick uniform gray layer at low altitude, from which rain or snow often falls (without any lightning or thunder).

    ‘Lesser values can be recorded in between the main storm cores and from the nimbostratus.’
    • ‘Well, it is quite light in colour to be a nimbostratus but precipitation all day long in connection with a weather front depicts the cloud.’
    • ‘Rain and snow often accompany the development of nimbostratus clouds.’
    • ‘The storm was cloaked like a hidden monster behind a stratiform cloud veil (nimbostratus) with a little fractus in the foreground.’



/ˌnimbōˈstradəs/ /ˌnɪmboʊˈstrædəs/ /ˌnimbōˈstrādəs/ /ˌnɪmboʊˈstreɪdəs/


Late 19th century modern Latin, from nimbus+ stratus.