Definition of nip something in the bud in English:

nip something in the bud


  • Suppress or destroy something at an early stage.

    ‘the idea has been nipped in the bud by the local council’
    • ‘Fear of revealing ideas early was also cited as a cause of delay, as the potential users do not get a chance to nip bad ideas in the bud early in the design phase.’
    • ‘It's about identifying problems early and nipping them in the bud.’
    • ‘I want to nip it in the bud at an early age and make them realise what pain it causes not just the victims but their families as well.’
    • ‘But moves to regulate the market at this stage could have presumably nipped incipient problems in the bud.’
    • ‘Some attempted thefts by insiders were nipped in the bud, others beat the security and accounting systems, but were caught trying to sell the material.’
    • ‘Apparently there have even been discussions of this being tapped as a renewable energy source, but those darn lobbyists soon nipped that idea in the bud.’
    • ‘If customers are to feel confident about patronising those places they need to know that any trouble will be nipped in the bud.’
    • ‘Fortunately, though through no action of yourself, the plot was nipped in the bud.’
    • ‘I hope this thing is nipped in the bud and does not happen to any other councillor.’
    • ‘And I predict, unless this ghastly trend is nipped in the bud, big time political consultants will be forced to report that when stuff goes bad, taxpayers actually prefer someone to take responsibility and request forgiveness.’
    curtail, cut short, strangle at birth, check, cut off, thwart, beat, frustrate, curb, stop, halt, arrest, stifle, obstruct, impede, block, squash, quash, subdue, quell, crack down on, stamp out
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