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  • 1 informal A child, especially a small boy.

    • ‘I was force-fed vegetables as a nipper’
    • ‘There was a young nipper lying on the side of the road and the ambulance crew just picked him up and were away.’
    • ‘Do those with nippers at private school seek an advantage?’
    • ‘I used to go to Sherington school, just over the way, and there's no way that many kids were driven to school when I was a nipper.’
    • ‘Yet Oxford does have a case to answer: how can it justify taking up to 45% of its freshers from independent schools when only 7% of nippers receive private educations?’
    • ‘I was watching a children's programme with one of my nippers yesterday.’
    • ‘Basically, if the school implements the system it means that the nippers will have their thumbprints taken and then converted into a number which corresponds to each kid's personal details.’
    • ‘One neighbour said: ‘I drove up my driveway after coming home from work and my nipper said that a house had been smashed up and there was a man with a knife.’’
    • ‘All this had an impact on the outside world, as parents vied to establish that their nipper was the cleverest and most loving and had the self-awareness of a Swiss finishing-school graduate.’
    • ‘The best source for chips, when I was a nipper, was Brattisani's.’
    • ‘I remember watching ‘Born Free’ with my mum when I was a nipper and being in absolute floods of tears.’
    • ‘As a nipper she was academically disenchanted, but once she got a taste of stardom, the wagging tomboy became the perfect teen.’
    • ‘It's a really great Italian family restaurant and I've been going there with my family since I was a nipper.’
    • ‘I was only a nipper but I loved all the outrageousness and the scandalous double-entendres even then.’
    • ‘When I was a nipper this place was full of Russian troops, not Americans.’
    • ‘When I was a nipper, my parents used to use loose tea to make a brew.’
    • ‘Overall, I was in amazingly good health for a little nipper my age.’
    • ‘He works in a pub and has a little nipper of his own.’
    • ‘Baby brother comes home from NYC, wife and nipper in tow, and there's absolutely no need to do any catching up with him.’
    • ‘Now that's really teaching values to the rich little nippers.’
    • ‘Before you know it you'll be settled down with a wife and a couple of nippers.’
    child, youngster, little one, young one, baby, toddler, infant, boy, girl, young person, minor, juvenile, adolescent, teenager, youth, stripling
  • 2nippersPliers, pincers, forceps, or a similar tool for gripping or cutting.

    ‘using a pair of nippers you can chip away at the tiles’
    • ‘To avoid damaging the face of the trim, pry nails out the back with locking pliers or nippers (end-cutting pliers).’
    • ‘Remove the nails left in the molding from the backside (so you won't damage the face) using nippers or locking pliers.’
    • ‘First, remove the nails left in the molding from the backside using nippers or locking pliers.’
    • ‘Printed in Dusseldorf in the middle of the nineteenth century, it contains hand-colored lithographs of metalworking tools, coffee grinders, ice skates, nippers, files, and so on.’
    • ‘End-cutting nippers feature powerful leverage for cutting bolts, wire and rivets close to the surface.’
    • ‘With tile nippers cut tiles to irregular shapes.’
    • ‘The chest pack absorbs everything you're likely to need thirty yards from the shore: a big saltwater fly box, extra leaders and tippet material, sun glasses, forceps, nippers, and assorted fly-fishers gear.’
    • ‘To tile around pipes and wall mounted faucets, use a pencil to mark the tile where it needs to be cut and break out the marked piece with tile nippers.’
    • ‘Use tile nippers to smooth straight edges and to cut curves.’
    • ‘I carry a pair of Abel pliers and a good pair of nippers for cutting nylon.’
    • ‘Get a pair of good-quality cuticle nippers, and use them!’
    • ‘Her list should include nail files, cotton balls, polish remover, cuticle pushers and nippers, and hand cream for everyone.’
    • ‘Always use sterilized toenail clippers, nippers or scissors.’
    1. 2.1usually nippersThe grasping claw of a crab or lobster.
      • ‘In others, they are intermediate in size and appear to function as pincers or nippers, as in other groups of mammals.’
      pincer, nipper
  • 3An insect or other creature that nips or bites.

    ‘mosquitoes must be some of the most voracious nippers ever created’
    • ‘The card his previous owner had filled out stated he was untrainable, not house broken, aggressive, a nipper and biter, and had been kept in the bathroom all day while owners worked, walked twice a day and lived in an apartment.’



/ˈnipər/ /ˈnɪpər/