Definición de nitrogen narcosis en Inglés

nitrogen narcosis

Pronunciación /ˈnītrəjən närˈkōsəs/ /ˈnaɪtrədʒən nɑrˈkoʊsəs/


  • A drowsy state induced by breathing air under higher than atmospheric pressure, for example, in deep-sea diving.

    ‘Climbing mountains (causing hypoxia) and deep-sea diving (causing nitrogen narcosis or oxygen poisoning) can both be dangerous, in the absence of the right precautions.’
    • ‘First, the movement of alveolar contents away from gas exchange surfaces and into the conducting airways of the lungs enables marine mammals to avoid the deleterious effects of nitrogen narcosis and decompression sickness.’
    • ‘There are various symptoms of nitrogen narcosis and I'm sure you've suffered from some of them if you dive deeper than 30m - even shallower for some people.’
    • ‘Like alpinism, tech diving is brutally unforgiving - participants risk such physiological disasters as nitrogen narcosis, oxygen poisoning, and the bends.’
    • ‘Even the expert diver must guard against the ‘raptures of the deep’ - staying too long, at too great a depth and thus risking the often fatal effects of nitrogen narcosis.’