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  • Containing nitrogen in chemical combination.

    ‘nitrogenous fertilizers’
    • ‘nitrogenous compounds’
    • ‘Pulses are also necessary for sustainable agriculture, since they are nitrogen-fixing crops and provide an ecological alternative to chemical nitrogenous fertilizers.’
    • ‘When the body ‘burns' food the end products are mainly water and carbon dioxide, together with some nitrogenous chemicals such as urea.’
    • ‘This is the most important nitrogenous fertilizer.’
    • ‘Degraded nitrogenous compounds, mainly amino acids, are translocated to other organs, leading to reduction in the leaf nitrogen content.’
    • ‘Urea is a nitrogenous compound excreted in the urine by humans and most other mammals.’
    • ‘As the primary inorganic nitrogenous compound released from mineralized organic matter, ammonium plays, besides its nitrification product nitrate, a key role in N nutrition for plants and soil microorganisms.’
    • ‘They are made up of tightly coiled, double strands of DNA linked in a ladder-like structure with four nitrogenous chemicals: adenine, cytosine, guanine and thymine.’
    • ‘Although fish do not produce NaOH, they do excrete bases such as ammonia and other nitrogenous wastes as a result of their metabolism.’
    • ‘The nitrogenous bases belong to two classes of molecules - purines and pyrimidines.’
    • ‘Under sulphur-deficient conditions, reduced protein synthesis is accompanied by the accumulation of organic and inorganic nitrogenous compounds.’
    • ‘The term ‘pharmaceutically acceptable amine salt’ contemplates salts with ammonia and organic nitrogenous bases strong enough to form salts with carboxylic acids.’
    • ‘Urine is easy to find by its strong odor - and it's a veritable cocktail of nitrogenous waste, amino acids, salts, and excreted sugars.’
    • ‘While nitrous oxide is created naturally in swampy soils, its leakage from fields is multiplied by the breakdown of nitrogenous fertilizers and the engine emissions of large farm machines.’
    • ‘The majority of these signals can be assigned to amino acids and to nitrogenous metabolites derived therefrom.’
    • ‘The banana companies significantly increased their use of nitrogenous fertilizers, irrigation waters, and pesticides in order to ensure high yields of large, unblemished fruit.’
    • ‘High sugar concentration represses expression of genes for photosynthetic components, which leads to the acceleration of senescence and re-translocation of nitrogenous compounds.’
    • ‘Indeed, bacteria in the guts of extant termites are known to be able to convert the nitrogenous end product uric acid into metabolites usable by the host.’
    • ‘During this process of rendering a condensate was produced which was nitrogenous.’
    • ‘That is, it is plausible to hypothesize that observations of altered plasma steroids in contaminant-exposed juvenile and adult alligators are, in part, a response to nitrogenous pollutants.’
    • ‘Since the ferments are organized, it is possible that oxygen, acting as itself, is able to induce the production of the ferments through its contact with the nitrogenous materials, and therefore the ferments have arisen spontaneously.’



/nīˈträjənəs/ /naɪˈtrɑdʒənəs/