Definition of Nizam in English:



  • 1The title of the hereditary ruler of Hyderabad.

    • ‘The delighted Mughal emperor made him the Nawab of the Carnatic under the suzerainty of the Nizam of Hyderabad and thus were sown the beginnings of the House of Arcot.’
    • ‘The daughter of the last Ottoman Sultan married into the family of the last Nizam of Hyderabad.’
    • ‘He is bedecked with the crown styled in the Mughal form presented by the former Nizams of Hyderabad as a token of reverence.’
    • ‘He cited several instances to show how the Nizam was a progressive ruler.’
    • ‘Now, in August 1947, the Nizam expressed a desire for Hyderabad to be an independent country, acceding to neither India nor Pakistan.’
  • 2the nizamThe Turkish regular army.


Nizam (sense 1) from Urdu nizām-al-mulk ‘administrator of the realm’, Nizam (sense 2) from Turkish nizām askeri ‘regular soldier’; based on Arabic niẓām ‘order, arrangement’.