Definition of no-fly in English:



  • Denoting a list or category of people, or a particular person, prevented from flying for security reasons.

    • ‘Until Steigman's confirmation of the no-fly list, the government had never admitted its existence.’
    • ‘An airline employee told her she couldn't board the flight because she was on the Transportation Security Administration's no-fly list.’
    • ‘Some infants have been stopped from boarding planes in the United States because their names are similar to suspected terrorists on the government's no-fly list.’
    • ‘Our government did not expand no-fly lists to including names from terrorist watch-lists or require airline passengers to be more thoroughly screened.’
    • ‘Last month, Senator Edward Kennedy, the second most senior member of the US Senate, revealed that for a period of five weeks this spring he was repeatedly blocked from boarding flights, on the grounds that his name was on a no-fly list.’
    • ‘Senator Ted Kennedy's name was actually on the government's secret, no-fly list.’
    • ‘We're now talking about the Transportation Security Administration taking over this issue of no-fly lists, which has made many mistakes in the past.’
    • ‘And there's a no-fly list in the U.S., so our security agencies are able to consult against that no-fly list.’
    • ‘He was placed on a no-fly list after officials received information that he associates with terrorist groups.’
    • ‘Officials say he was on the no-fly list because of his alleged ties to possible terrorists.’
    • ‘U.S. officials tonight are trying to determine how a Moroccan man on this country's no-fly list was able to board an Air France jet liner from Paris to Washington, D.C.’
    • ‘An Alitalia flight from Milan was diverted to Maine yesterday when federal authorities discovered that a man on the no-fly list was on board, officials said.’
    • ‘If you think it's bad that your name can get on a no-fly list and you can't find out why or get it off, then think about government access to your genetic information.’
    • ‘The name of one of the passengers aboard matched a name on the U.S. no-fly list.’
    • ‘Only flights landing in the United States must be checked for the no-fly list passengers.’
    • ‘The no-fly list grew from 16 names supplied by the FBI in 2001 to 1,000 names by the end of 2002, according to the newly released documents.’
    • ‘He notes that the American no-fly list has already led to much confusion, inconvenience and a major lawsuit.’
    • ‘Silliness aside, the real problem here is that once someone is on the no-fly list, there is effectively no way off.’
    • ‘The Ministry said that his name had been removed from the no-fly list.’
    • ‘There are many persons who have been wrongly placed on no-fly lists or who are associated with names on the lists, and they simply cannot find a way to clarify their identities.’