Definition of no better than in English:

no better than


(also little better than)
  • Just (or almost) the same as (something bad); merely.

    ‘government officials who were often no better than bandits’
    • ‘The fuel efficiency per passenger mile travelled by train is no better than that of an average diesel car carrying two people.’
    • ‘The rides are good, but no better than what's on offer at Alton Towers.’
    • ‘My Spanish no better than when I left England, I beckoned towards the hostel address in my guidebook.’
    • ‘Ironically, the reaction of the city-breds was no better than that of the villagers.’
    • ‘The proof of Regina's work to date can be testified no better than by the many referrals she receives.’
    • ‘He found that when a subject took glucose, they performed no better than when were given a placebo.’
    • ‘Presley, with his many appalling movie soundtrack albums, deserved no better than two awards.’
    • ‘I can do no better than to link to my story from last year about how I fell in love with him.’
    • ‘Owen, arguably, is no better than when he arrived on the international scene two years ago.’
    • ‘It may come as no surprise that the weather at Poole is no better than at home, in fact it is a little worse than when we left.’
    • ‘Tennyson asked no better than to live with books in the heart of the country.’
    • ‘Living an short life where the only feeling you know is pain, is no better than not living at all.’
    • ‘They all know that their own regimes are little better than that being disposed of in Iraq.’
    • ‘If you are really far away you could get 9Kbs which is no better than now.’
    • ‘He came into the bar looking no better than before, dragging his wrapped up sword with him.’
    • ‘I can do no better than to quote from my own press statement at the time that the Government announced its policy.’
    • ‘Even though she was in a wheel chair she was just as good, no better than all the other children were!’
    • ‘I can do no better than to quote Transpower's response to that member at that time.’
    • ‘Fire safety standards in public hospitals are no better than in private companies.’
    • ‘They know no better than to constantly bear whatever pain and suffering comes to them.’