Definition of no end of in English:

no end of


  • A vast number or amount of (something)

    • ‘we shared no end of good times’
    • ‘Michael provided us with no end of entertainment.’
    • ‘It's a question with a long history and no end of long answers.’
    • ‘My current housemate has no end of casual tricks.’
    • ‘This has done no end of good for the studio's profitability.’
    • ‘She apparently suffers no end of teasing on account of it.’
    • ‘Election fever is gripping the area, with no end of opinion polls every day.’
    • ‘All this adds up to no end of bureaucracy and delay.’
    • ‘It's expensive, it's unrewarding, and we'll get no end of criticism for doing what must be done.’
    • ‘This has caused no end of problems with the central government.’
    • ‘But it will have done no end of harm to his reputation.’
    countless, innumerable, untold, legion, numberless, unnumbered, numerous, very many, manifold, multitudinous, multifarious