Definition of no fewer than in English:

no fewer than

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  • Used to emphasize a surprisingly large number.

    ‘there are no fewer than seventy different brand names’
    • ‘Built by car manufacturer Ford, the car, worth half a million pounds, was surrounded by no fewer than four security guards.’
    • ‘Eventually, he was supplying designs to no fewer than 50 manufacturers.’
    • ‘In North America, when a C-section is performed, no fewer than four doctors are present in the room.’
    • ‘In Afghanistan, no fewer than three such operations were mounted.’
    • ‘The 33 individuals identified by Scotland on Sunday between them share no fewer than 69 posts.’
    • ‘Although they got no further than the foothills, Patricia and Peter found no fewer than three new species of rhododendron.’
    • ‘And I've just discovered that next March contains no fewer than five Mondays.’
    • ‘Over the period it has topped the yearly sales charts no fewer than 11 times.’
    • ‘Club action returns this week with no fewer than five teams in action.’
    • ‘In fact, there should have been no fewer than four Leevale runners on the team for Sunday's long course race.’