Definition of no harm, no foul in English:

no harm, no foul


  • Used to indicate that a mistake or instance of misconduct should be excused because it has not caused damage.

    ‘strictly speaking it was petty trespassing, but no harm, no foul’
    • ‘They could have then been bought off with lucrative careers, no harm, no foul.’
    • ‘The other threads are marked for deletion, no harm, no foul, all cleaned up.’
    • ‘Look, if everybody is happy with a deal, no harm, no foul.’
    • ‘You can get up and walk away afterwards, so there's no harm, no foul.’
    • ‘And if it didn't work, then okay, try something different, no harm, no foul.’
    • ‘If they repent for what they've done, they are forgiven, no harm, no foul.’
    • ‘No harm, no foul, that is baseball: you hit our guy we hit yours.’
    • ‘I always found a small pebble in my food but no harm, no foul.’
    • ‘I'm just messing with you a bit, no harm, no foul’
    • ‘If I don't like the album, no harm, no foul: it gets deleted.’