Definition of no harm done in English:

no harm done


  • Used to reassure someone that what they have done has caused no real damage or problems.

    ‘there's no harm done in this case but you really must be chary of giving invitations to people we don't know’
    • ‘‘It's alright Emily, no harm done,’ he reassured me.’
    • ‘‘I wasn't hurt and neither was Trigger, so there was no harm done,’ said the philosophical youngster.’
    • ‘Aside from being a bit scared, there was no harm done and I got my money back.’
    • ‘Still, no harm done, and it should go down well with those voters willing to forgive a Christian premier's flexible interpretation of the sixth commandment.’
    • ‘Something obviously slipped there but they both seemed to find it funny, no harm done.’
    • ‘Of course, if you miss these jokes, no harm done.’
    • ‘Maybe he just didn't realize where I stood on the whole issue, and if that was the case then I would just have to straighten him out, no harm done.’
    • ‘That the team has recently been referred to as the Border Puppies by a few individuals is hurtful but if this criticism serves as extra motivation, than no harm done.’
    • ‘The elementary things are easy to think about; if you can't think of a new thought, no harm done; what you thought about it before is good enough for the class.’
    • ‘His therapist told him it was all standard teen stuff, and it would ‘pass, with no harm done to anyone’.’