Definition of no less in English:

no less


  • 1Used to suggest, often ironically, that something is surprising or impressive.

    ‘Peter cooked dinner—fillet steak and champagne, no less’
    • ‘Day three took us to a site no less impressive, aptly named Mysterious Lagoon.’
    • ‘Having scooped a major award, covered by the Times no less, neither paper has said a thing about this!’
    • ‘So it wants a legal framework to bring about the industrialisation of drug production, no less.’
    • ‘Among the many highlights of the Craft Fair will be the arrival of Santa by boat no less.’
    • ‘Impending parenthood is a fertile time for dreams, no less for fathers than for mothers.’
    • ‘I justify my call with reference to the philosophy of a former Warden of Wadham, no less.’
    • ‘It felt like aeons before she said we were on, and then furnished us with VIP passes no less!’
    • ‘Our route took us to the village of West Lilling and involved a climb to 100 feet no less.’
    1. 1.1no less thanUsed to emphasize a surprisingly large amount.
      ‘no less than eight people died’
      • ‘After all, in their case, the plate on their car could amount to no less than one third of the price of the car.’
      • ‘That test has been applied in this Court on no less than eight subsequent occasions.’
      • ‘If you include the doll made in his likeness, there are no less than six incarnations of Pekar in the film.’
      • ‘During his long association with the club, Parkes performed the role on no less than six separate occasions.’
      • ‘Within two days of the departure of Davies, Nevin had written no less than 33 names into his notepad.’
      • ‘A global race is under way as no less than four separate research teams compete to make archaeological history.’
      • ‘On Easter Sunday there are no less than three helpings of jazz in York.’
      • ‘A decade later there were no less than four churches, as well as a public school and post office.’
      • ‘Another city drawing inspiration from the past is Coventry, with no less than 26 twins.’
      • ‘That song was picked up by Chris Evans and played no less than three times on his radio show in one sitting.’
      at the minimum, no less than, not less than