Definition of no little in English:

no little


  • Considerable.

    ‘a factor of no little importance’
    • ‘And what we lose is of no little importance to our students and to feminism.’
    • ‘It is of obvious importance and of no little difficulty.’
    • ‘With deft strokes (and no little humour), she switches characters with alacrity.’
    • ‘Each is divinely packaged, having been designed at no little expense by our latently talented art department.’
    • ‘You see, most metal songs at the time seemed to be full of macho bragging, but this was a brokenhearted song of love gone wrong, sung with wit and no little amount of gusto.’
    • ‘It was a game of no little quality given the sod more resembled the aftermath of a ploughing competition, and which took extreme effort to make progress upon.’
    • ‘He will also be able to say - with no little credibility - that he had nothing to do with all the unpleasantness of last year.’
    • ‘Speaking ‘British’ requires no little effort for American teens.’
    • ‘This Laois team hurled with pride, passion, great commitment and no little skill and certainly did not deserve to be nine points adrift at the end.’
    • ‘But when delivered with sincerity, a real passion and no little skill, the whole package adds up to an artist who must not end up on the list of those who got ignored.’