Definition of no longer in English:

no longer

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  • Not now as formerly.

    ‘they no longer live here’
    • ‘After all, they are the ones who have forgotten that we no longer live by the law of the jungle.’
    • ‘Sorry to have to let you know that Steve is no longer living with us and I am now a single mum.’
    • ‘First, the working class and the oppressed can no longer go on living in the old way.’
    • ‘We all know how annoying it can be to receive post for people who no longer live at our address.’
    • ‘She can no longer live on her own, and has been forced to live in a residential care home.’
    • ‘Thank goodness that we live in an age when we no longer have to suffer unnecessarily.’
    • ‘Next time you feel a little peckish try water first you may find that you are no longer hungry.’
    • ‘He said the situation had become so bad that he could no longer find anyone else to work in the shop.’
    • ‘Depending on who buys it, it could mean the public no longer has access to the house.’
    • ‘He also raised the question of what would happen when it was no longer needed by the family.’