Definition of no mean — in English:

no mean —


  • Denoting something very good of its kind.

    ‘a profit that crossed the £100 million barrier was no mean achievement’
    • ‘This small publisher, which brings out eight new titles a year, has made a name for itself and has had three of its books read or adapted on BBC Radio Four - no mean achievement.’
    • ‘Physically imposing and capable of more than one facial expression, he even holds his own in the fight scenes, no mean feat given the martial calibre of the cast.’
    • ‘This is no mean feat, considering the size and relative complexity of the cast.’
    • ‘Considering his prodigious consumption of alcohol and drugs, this was no mean feat.’
    • ‘Considering the guide price was £130,000, that was no mean feat.’
    • ‘And as far as negotiations go, it's no mean feat.’
    • ‘That's no mean feat in an industry that's growing by less than 2% a year.’
    • ‘They were holding their own which was no mean feat.’
    • ‘It is also very well recorded and that is no mean achievement.’
    • ‘For a twenty-five-year-old woman to transform herself into an eleven-year-old child was no mean achievement.’