Definition of no more in English:

no more


  • 1Nothing further.

    ‘there was no more to be said about it’
    • ‘Guy began his battle with cancer five years ago and only 12 days before he died he was told there was no more that could be done.’
    • ‘I just saw the article in question, on which I have no more to add.’
    • ‘He apologised later in the team hotel and there was no more about it.’
    • ‘There is no more to write on this matter.’
    • ‘I'll say no more for fear of spoiling the fun, except that the twists don't alter the film's comic tone.’
    • ‘Albright's death shocked many of us, not only with the surprise of it but with the realization that we'd hear no more from him as a composer.’
    • ‘After several attempts at repair, they found there was no more that could be done.’
    • ‘Food was ruining every aspect of my life and I would simply eat until I could eat no more.’
    • ‘For the rest of the night, Elizabeth said no more and fell asleep in his arms.’
    • ‘She is leaving politics because she can do no more to enlighten us.’
  • 2No further.

    ‘you must have some soup, but no more wine’
    • ‘I said, with a smile, that I'd been buying them drinks all night so had no more money.’
    • ‘So bravo Chile, but please no more expensive wines.’
    • ‘At least there's no more murder or illness, just a lot of love and light.’
    • ‘Therefore no more illegal parking will be tolerated on Teeling street.’
    • ‘The boy's parents were dead and they could cause no more harm.’
    • ‘He went back to eating and no more conversation passed between the two, but Tobias was used to it.’
    • ‘As December passes, he has no more time for leisurely swims.’
    • ‘As far as the city council is concerned, we are trying to protect jobs in Sheffield and make sure no more jobs go.’
    • ‘Hopefully, I can keep that going this season and have no more problems.’
    • ‘The shop assistant discovered she had not been given enough money, but the offender said she had no more cash.’
  • 3be no moreExist no longer.

    ‘the patch of ground was overgrown and the hut was no more’
    • ‘Compton added that the booming business scene that once existed on the island was no more.’
    • ‘There is a feeling that the Britain we have known has passed its sell-by date and may soon be no more.’
    • ‘The farmers he had served so well were no more for they, too, had faded away through changing times.’
    • ‘It took a long time for it to sink in that the buildings were no more.’
    • ‘By the time he came back to office as Northern Ireland Secretary, the world he was used to was no more.’
    • ‘Until a week ago, it looked as if the highly successful Swindon Jazz Festival was no more.’
    • ‘Skye's unbeaten home record, which was based on their performances in division one, is no more.’
    • ‘The once proud fell farmer is no more - his culture has long been under threat with collapse of prices.’
    • ‘We'd originally drawn your attention to the gig in our feature last week but, alas, the event is no more.’
    • ‘Farming was once common, but it is no more, and the gardens are a thing of the past.’
  • 4Never again.

    ‘mention his name no more to me’
    • ‘The parties, dances, feasts and gifts soon fell to a halt and no more did he praise her name.’
    • ‘No more will the designer be restricted by equipment termination problems.’
    • ‘Father Flanagan Hall in the grounds of Summerhill College will no more echo to the sound of choirs from all over the world.’
    • ‘Fun and frolic at these tourist spots will no more be a dream for Malayalis, especially those in the middle income group.’
    • ‘Then he thought he heard a voice say that he had killed sleep and that he would sleep no more because of his crime.’
    • ‘I once believed he was capable of an honourable peace with his enemy, but no more.’
    • ‘McConnell hath murdered sleep, and therefore shall sleep no more.’
    • ‘No more would they pay for wars that yielded so few returns.’
  • 5Neither.

    ‘I had no complaints and no more did Tom’
    • ‘The law could not create itself, but no more did he create it; it existed independent of his will, waiting for the light of reason to reveal.’
    • ‘If he was not a joint author, then no more was he a joint 'maker', the sole maker being Dr Edwards.’