Definition of no strings attached in English:

no strings attached

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  • Used to show that an offer or opportunity carries no special conditions or restrictions.

    • ‘they wanted a lot of money with no strings attached’
    • ‘The policy proposes to give indigenous communities even more money and power with no strings attached.’
    • ‘These accounts give instant access to your money, with no strings attached.’
    • ‘A musician is today pleading for the return of his irreplaceable £35,000 viola and is offering a £500 reward… no strings attached.’
    • ‘In a bid to make it novel, the organisers came out with a free service offer on all printers, with no strings attached.’
    • ‘I am willing to offer you a position, no strings attached.’
    • ‘So, instead I'm offering it as simple gift, no strings attached.’
    • ‘Arnaud, a wealthy retired businessman, offers to pay the debt, no strings attached.’
    • ‘Above all they want excellent service, competitive pricing and simple accounts with no strings attached.’
    • ‘It looks straightforward with no strings attached, although I'd still like to see the small print.’
    • ‘The city had the view that after the five years the shire would come to the party again with no strings attached.’
    conditions, qualifications, provisions, provisos, caveats, stipulations, riders, contingencies, prerequisites, limitations, limits, constraints, restrictions, reservations, requirements, obligations