Definition of Noachian in English:



  • 1Relating to the biblical patriarch Noah or his time.

    ‘He believed in a recent, six 24-hour-day creation and a global catastrophic Noachian Deluge, which by its nature would have produced most of the strata of the earth's crust.’
    • ‘The creationists interviewed differed considerably relative to their views of origins, and about half would be identified with the seven day literal 24-hour day non-gap universal Noachian deluge creationist position.’
    • ‘I'm inviting him to break away from Kansas to visit New Mexico later this summer, and collaborate with me on the Definitive Proof that there ain't no way the Fossil Record is compatible with a single, Noachian deluge.’
    • ‘As a churchman he contributed to the debate about the Noachian flood, without identifying it specifically in the superficial deposits he examined.’
  • 2Astronomy
    Relating to or denoting an early geological period on the planet Mars.

    • ‘conditions on Mars during the Noachian Age were markedly different from those of today’



/ˌnōˈākēən/ /ˌnoʊˈeɪkiən/