Definition of noctule in English:



  • A large golden-brown bat native to Eurasia and North Africa with long, slender wings, rounded ears, and a short muzzle.

    Nyctalus noctula, family Vespertilionidae

    ‘In addition, the wings of the greater noctule - designed for speed - lack the maneuverability that would be required for hunting a bird in a confined nesting space.’
    • ‘All free-tailed bats and two noctules reluctant to feed by themselves had to be fed by hand.’
    • ‘In another European species, the noctule bat, no genetic evidence was found that could be interpreted as directional colonization and glacial-induced bottlenecks.’
    • ‘The noctule bat's wingspan can reach up to 19 inches, although, like all British varieties, it is totally harmless.’



/ˈnäkˌCHo͞ol/ /ˈnɑkˌtʃul/


Late 18th century from French, from Italian nottola ‘bat’, literally ‘small night creature’.