Definition of noisecore in English:


Pronunciation /ˈnoizˌkôr/ /ˈnɔɪzˌkɔr/


  • A type of rock music derived from hardcore punk, characterized by the use of loud distorted guitar and feedback.

    ‘a '90s noisecore quartet whose songs all kinda sounded alike’
    • ‘This is an excellent release for those of you crazy kids who are into noisecore or just feeling adventurous in your musical selection.’
    • ‘Maybe the fact that I can listen to and enjoy such disconcerting, discordant, noisecore music means I'm not fit to walk the streets.’
    • ‘The lead vocalist destroys all preconceptions of noisecore with his guttural screams and his distinct projections.’
    • ‘They'd have been a pretty good act and a creditable noisecore band, but they way they seamlessly mesh this into a truly cohesive whole is remarkable.’
    • ‘On paper, it certainly appears to be a perfect pairing, as such microtonal experimentalism seems an ideal foil for her extreme noisecore.’



/ˈnoizˌkôr/ /ˈnɔɪzˌkɔr/