Definition of noiseless in English:



  • 1Silent or very quiet.

    ‘the cycle is a noiseless form of transport’
    • ‘Concorde's four engines take passengers across the Atlantic at 1,350 miles an hour - twice the speed of sound - in noiseless luxury.’
    • ‘The turbine he wanted was in galvanised steel and no taller than a telegraph pole and was almost noiseless, added Mr Kershaw.’
    • ‘They are almost noiseless, cheaper by as much as half than internal combustion engines, and completely clean.’
    • ‘She placed the entirely noiseless radio back against her right ear, pulled up the hood of her parka and returned to her seat.’
    • ‘Shielded from the roar of traffic by housing, many rear gardens are relatively noiseless.’
    • ‘Safely deposited at the door, we were further greeted and escorted through to Felix's table, where noiseless unseen hands put chairs under our bottoms and we were ready for an elegant evening.’
    • ‘Bicycles are noiseless, unless they are rusty old rattlers like my last one, or the owner has an obsession with the bell, which does cover a lot of the cyclists in this fair city.’
    • ‘The ride is smooth, noiseless and produces no fumes.’
    • ‘He wants rubber-type, noiseless, rumble strips to be installed.’
    • ‘Matt watched the seemingly noiseless explosion as fire erupted from the engine of the doomed German fighter.’
    silent, still, hushed, noiseless, soundless
  • 2technical Accompanied by or introducing no random fluctuations that obscure the real signal or data.

    ‘the 4000-1 and 4000-2 use an adaptive, noiseless data algorithm to compress data in real time’
    • ‘We are having bad experiences with mainboard manufacturers when it comes to noiseless power regulation.’
    • ‘Simulation begins by generating noiseless waveforms at the link data input and proceeds through each subsequent component model until the system output is generated.’
    • ‘The cancellation of vacuum fluctuations leads to the possibility of noiseless signal amplification with the feedforward loop.’