Definition of noisette in English:



  • 1A small round piece of lean meat, especially lamb.

    ‘I choose the grilled noisette of lamb with minted couscous and grilled capsicum.’
    • ‘It is an ideal wine to match with the delicate, sweeter notes of gently seared noisettes of lamb.’
    • ‘Karen, the Munster regional finalist, won out with her honeyed lamb noisettes, roast root vegetables and rosemary roast potatoes followed by sticky toffee pudding with caramel sauce.’
    • ‘There was a difference of opinion over the roast skewered noisettes of lamb, served with rosemary and mustard soubise.’
    • ‘But, says Dale, as we move from the soup to noisettes of lamb, ‘it made me very tough’.’
    • ‘Our main courses were also beyond reproach, featuring a noisette of lamb with aubergine pesto and mashed potato, and an exceptional halibut fillet with herb butter and creamed nutty cabbage.’
    • ‘After consultation with him, she is reported to have chosen a starter of foie gras, a main course of noisettes of lamb with cassoulet, and a dessert of chocolate wedding cake.’
  • 2A chocolate made with hazelnuts.

    • ‘I had a noisette before we left for the party.’



/nwäˈzet/ /nwɑˈzɛt/


French, diminutive of noix ‘nut’.