Definition of nomarch in English:



  • 1The governor of an ancient Egyptian nome.

    • ‘Finally, the nomarchs of Thebes in Upper Egypt gained control of the country and established the Middle Kingdom.’
    • ‘Subsequent nomarchs and high priests may have caused some interruption in the redistributive patterns by reneging on some of the contractual terms, particularly those that may have adversely affected their own revenues.’
    • ‘As a result, the old system of hereditary nomarchs was destroyed and replaced by a bureaucratic machinery, the operators of which owed their allegiance to the king in his residence.’
    • ‘The transactions analyzed here come from tomb No.1 at Assiut, and belong to Hepzefi who was the nomarch of Assiut during the early part of the reign of Dynasty XII.’
    • ‘Many provincial nomarchs built extravagant temples, trying to connect their power to the pharaoh.’
  • 2The senior administrator of a modern Greek nomarchy.

    • ‘Greece is divided into 51 prefectures (nomarchies), each headed by a prefect (nomarch), who is elected by direct popular vote.’
    • ‘The nomarch, or governor of the island, lost his head completely, and was found on the shore hunting for a boat in which to escape with his family from the island.’
    • ‘In the evening you will attend a farewell reception hosted by the Nomarch of Chania.’


Mid 17th century from Greek nomarkhēs or nomarkhos, from nomos ‘nome’ + arkhēs ‘governor’.