Definition of nomenclatural in English:


Pronunciation /ˌnōmənˈklāCHərəl/


See nomenclature

‘But abandonment of the Linnean nomenclatural system does not mean abandonment of the principle of priority, although in the phylogenetic nomenclatural system priority is based on definitions rather than memberships or diagnoses.’
  • ‘Strictly speaking, these four species, traditionally placed in their own monotypic Linnaean families, are just some among many living species of turtles and consequently should receive no special nomenclatural attention.’
  • ‘They have, however, argued that when this system is extended to refer to the naming of species, nomenclatural stability will be improved because the unfortunate existing relationship between genera and species will be removed.’
  • ‘Among extant vertebrates, turtles are an ideal clade to lead the transition from a rank-based nomenclatural system to a rank-free nomenclatural system that is based on phylogenetically defined clade names.’
  • ‘To provide a nomenclatural context for the discussion that follows, the phylogenetic definition, hypothesized ancestry, and implied content of Sauropoda are briefly discussed below.’