Definition of nominee in English:


Pronunciation /ˌnäməˈnē/ /ˌnɑməˈni/

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  • 1A person who is proposed or formally entered as a candidate for an office or as the recipient of a grant or award.

    ‘an Oscar nominee’
    • ‘the party's presidential nominee’
    • ‘All the more reason for care in selecting the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party.’
    • ‘And that base is especially strong in the primary elections that determine the nominee for President.’
    • ‘Tom was selected from a distinguished list of nominees for the honour.’
    • ‘Ms Roche said the other 11 nominees for the award should also be congratulated.’
    • ‘All the nominees for these awards are inspiring because they have succeeded in making a mark.’
    • ‘Five nominees were shortlisted from candidates put forward by the area boards.’
    • ‘Further details of the Orange Rising Star Award nominees are as follows’
    • ‘Now we were very keen to hear the thoughts of some of the Orwell Award nominees, but our offers were largely declined.’
    • ‘To protect the integrity of the awards, the nominees are also decided by the academy.’
    • ‘No social science laureate was awarded this year as nominees did not meet the qualifications.’
    • ‘She is a nominee in three awards and I pray that they won't give it to her because of the circumstances.’
    • ‘This is a refreshing and vital departure for a Green Party presidential nominee.’
    • ‘Vice presidential nominees rarely sway this or that national demographic group.’
    • ‘Usually the Senate confirms presidential nominees who will work for the president.’
    • ‘What do the presidential nominees need to do to counter public skepticism?’
    • ‘He was able to defeat the Democratic Party, and become the Presidential nominee.’
    • ‘Over 190 selected nominees will receive site visits and be interviewed by the jury.’
    • ‘Other leading Democrats echoed the views of the majority of would-be presidential nominees.’
    • ‘Both the Republican and Democratic presidential nominees criticized the raid.’
    • ‘He may not be the presidential nominee, but, for practical political purposes, he might as well be.’
    applicant, job applicant, job-seeker, prospective employee
  • 2A person or company whose name is given as having title to a stock, real estate, etc., but who is not the actual owner.

    as modifier ‘an offshore nominee company’
    • ‘It means the shares are held in the name of a nominee company of Goodbody.’
    • ‘To create a legal mortgage the shares have to be registered in the name of the bank or of its nominee company.’
    • ‘We don't have any record of the nominee name in the share register.’
    • ‘It's not enough just to appoint an offshore nominee and hold board meetings in that country if it's actually you running the company.’
    • ‘Their identities were hidden in nominee companies whose interest appeared on the share register.’


Mid 17th century from nominate+ -ee.