Definition of non-Aboriginal in English:



  • Not Aboriginal; not of Aboriginal descent or origin.

    ‘the book explores the relation between Aboriginal art and non-Aboriginal society’
    • ‘We call on all workers and young people, both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal alike, to join us in the struggle for an alternative.’
    • ‘Art produced for ceremonies is stylistically much simpler than that produced for non-Aboriginal audiences.’
    • ‘Large numbers of children who today identify as or are classified as Aboriginal have English as their mother tongue and experience an education little different from that of non-Aboriginal Australian children.’
    • ‘The non-Aboriginal Australian population in 1804 was about 7000, compared to nearly a million in 1854.’
    • ‘She attempted to teach Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children a spiritual appreciation of the land and the natural world.’
    • ‘In forming a bridge between the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities, he must be articulate and he must leave an impression.’
    • ‘Coastal places have stories to tell for both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.’
    • ‘Although Canada's non-Aboriginal population is aging, the First Nations are booming.’
    • ‘For non-aboriginal readers, it provides a rare insight into the experience of one contemporary First Nations artist.’
    • ‘The Aboriginal world and the non-Aboriginal world in Australia overlap.’