Definition of non-belligerent in English:



  • Not aggressive or engaged in a war or conflict.

    • ‘But it also must have involved dialogue, collaboration, exchange, communication, recognition, and similar non-belligerent relations.’
    • ‘Sweden survived the war as a non-belligerent state by following a flexible policy which responded to the political realities of the moment while retaining some freedom of manoeuvre for the future.’
    • ‘The law of Nuremberg stated simply, that it is not legal to launch a war of aggression against a passive, non-belligerent country.’
    peace-loving, unwarlike, non-belligerent, non-violent, non-combative, non-aggressive, conflict-free, easy, easy-going, placid, gentle, meek, mild, inoffensive, good-natured, even-tempered, amiable, amicable, friendly, affable, genial, civil, cooperative, conciliatory, pacific, pacifist, anti-war, dove-like, dovish


  • A nation or person that is not engaged in a war or conflict.

    • ‘The threat of war thus disrupts financial markets and non-belligerents will try to move resources away, as will the belligerents' own nationals if they can.’
    • ‘Troops readily change their allegiances, while the dividing line between non-belligerents and those in active service is tenuous and easily shifted.’
    • ‘The country remained a non-belligerent, but was enclosed within the area of German control.’
    • ‘While this policy enabled the country to remain a non-belligerent in World War I, it did not prevent a German occupation during much of World War II.’
    • ‘He notes that some 75 years later in Quirin ‘the Court concluded that Milligan… was a non-belligerent, not subject to the law of war.’’
    • ‘Hitler was on the point of invading the Soviet Union, the United States was still a non-belligerent and Britain was struggling to hold her own.’