Definition of non-materialistic in English:



  • Not concerned with material possessions.

    ‘my dream is to raise my kids to be non-materialistic and honest’
    ‘the non-materialistic ideals of Buddhism’
    • ‘The material success of the mid-nineteenth century should not disguise the fact that the predominant social values were non-materialistic.’
    • ‘My perspective is neither spiritual nor religious, but instead is one of a non-materialistic idealism.’
    • ‘Being seen to be non-materialistic is a badge of honour; anything "flash" is considered heinous, unless it looks inherited.’
    • ‘We give thanks for the house we are fortunate enough to live in, for the food on our table, for our wonderful friends and family, and so many other materialistic and non-materialistic things.’
    • ‘Gould is studying for her Masters in Environmental Management and has decidedly non-materialistic values.’
    • ‘Their non-materialistic tradition emphasizes loyalty and respect for all living creatures.’
    • ‘He doesn't stress, he's utterly non-materialistic, thoughtful and low maintenance.’
    • ‘The company is launching an integrated advertising campaign that explicitly appeals to the non-materialistic, minimalist ethos that brand executives believe differentiates Volvo aficionados from buyers of other luxury and near-luxury brands.’
    • ‘There is also a non-materialistic streak in many Russians.’