Definition of non-pictorial in English:



  • Not involving or expressed in pictures; not illustrated.

    • ‘Many designs on trade cards were non-pictorial, presenting only the message of the proprietor in ornamental lettering.’
    • ‘Photographs can be scanned and originals returned if people wish, and non-pictorial items can also be donated for temporary or permanent display.’
    • ‘The non-pictorial style actually heightens the sense of panic, as Arlen's heroes shy away from any glimpse of their assaulter.’
    • ‘The particular rhetoric of "authority" explicit in the Medieval map had not gone away, but was now simply hidden beneath the increasingly non-verbal, non-pictorial, generalised cartographic surface.’
    • ‘The early- to mid-1970s saw the Standard slip back to a more conservative look, even with a return to 1950s-type cartoons and non-pictorial covers for a time.’
    • ‘The Library's collection of lithographed music is predominantly continental, non-pictorial and confined to the first half of the nineteenth century.’
    non-representational, non-realistic, non-pictorial, symbolic, impressionistic