Definition of non-validity in English:



mass noun
  • The quality of not being logically or factually sound.

    ‘the time had come to test the validity or non-validity of my hypothesis’
    • ‘Discovery of the reality is up to the reader through their own research and work to ascertain the validity or non-validity of the information presented here.’
    • ‘The validity or non-validity of this position will no doubt become clearer as time passes and judgments mature.’
    • ‘Heisenberg states that the nonvalidity of rigorous causality is necessary and not just consistently possible.’
    • ‘To overcome the difficulties raised by possible multiple interaction points and the nonvalidity of Bell's assumption, we propose a multi- "bead-and-spring" model to describe the detachment of proteins or cells from a surface by AFM type experiments.’
    • ‘Reason can merely give what is implied by objects perceived, and has no authority whatever in determining the validity or non-validity of perception.’
    invalidity, non-validity