Definition of non-transparent in English:



  • 1Not able to be seen through; opaque.

    ‘a work rendered in non-transparent acrylic’
    • ‘Look at the surface of a swimming pool, for example - a shiny white, non-transparent surface.’
    • ‘The puppets were made from donkey skins, which were thick and non-transparent.’
    • ‘Observers, however, revealed some irregularities, including the use of wooden and thus non-transparent ballot boxes and a weakened solution of phosphoric ink.’
    • ‘Outside, non-transparent surfaces are clad in copper.’
    • ‘If you are quite concerned with privacy, buy a roomy, non-transparent poncho.’
    • ‘Try to wear loose-fitting, non-transparent clothing when in public.’
    • ‘I wrote over 300 of these questions down on individual 3 x 5 cards, which were then sealed in nontransparent envelopes and placed in a large dark-green bag.’
    non-transparent, cloudy, filmy, blurred, smeared, hazy, misty, dirty, dingy, muddy, muddied, grimy, smeary
  • 2(of an organization or its activities) not open to public scrutiny.

    ‘the grant allocation process remains non-transparent and unclear’
    • ‘The procedures and finances of the company are totally non-transparent.’
    • ‘Are we in a brave new world where democracy is the swansong for a regime of non-accountability, a non-transparent regime?’
    • ‘This has led to a very complex and completely non-transparent pricing model.’
    • ‘These restrictions were manifested mainly through a registration process that was selective, slow and non-transparent.’
    • ‘The problem with industry self-regulation is that it can be undemocratic and non-transparent.’
    • ‘In politics and in Government, if we run risks of discrimination or if we run risks of murky, non-transparent systems, we will get corruption.’
    • ‘The donors and the international community have been kept in the dark and the government's non-transparent activities are on the rise.’
    • ‘There was some ongoing survey work, but it was very unsatisfactory because it was haphazard, had no mechanisms for cross-checking and was completely non-transparent.’
    • ‘The process has been discriminatory and extremely non-transparent.’
    • ‘Organised crime controls a considerable part of the economy, and public property is transferred in a non-transparent manner to dubious commercial companies.’
    • ‘First, the overall mode of state functioning, policymaking, and governance is top-down, nontransparent, and rigidly hierarchical.’
    • ‘These restrictions are manifested primarily in a registration process that is selective, slow, and nontransparent.’
    obscure, unclear, dense, uncertain, indeterminate, mysterious, puzzling, perplexing, baffling, mystifying, confusing, enigmatic, inexplicable, unexplained, concealed, hidden, unfathomable, incomprehensible, impenetrable, vague, ambiguous, Delphic, indefinite, indistinct, hazy, foggy, nebulous, equivocal, doubtful, dubious, oblique, elliptical, oracular, cryptic, deep, abstruse, recondite, arcane, esoteric, recherché